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SFR's associated with serial ports in FX2LP

Last Updated: April 04, 2011

What are the SFR's associated with serial ports in FX2LP?


The registers associated with the serial ports are as follows. (Registers PCON and EICON also include some functionality which is not part of the Serial Interface). The information about the registers can be found in the corresponding pages of the TRM which have been mentioned


PCON (SFR 0x87) Bit 7, SerialPort 0 rate control SMOD0 (Table 14-13 on page 235).


SCON0 (SFR 0x98) SerialPort 0 control (Table 14-11 on page 235).


SBUF0 (SFR 0x99) SerialPort 0 transmit/receive buffer.


EICON (SFR 0xD8) Bit 7, Serial Port 1 rate control SMOD1 (Table 14-12 on page 235).


SCON1 (SFR 0xC0) Serial Port 1 control (Table 14-14 on page 236).


SBUF1 (SFR 0xC1) Serial Port 1 transmit/receive buffer.


T2CON (SFR 0xC8) Baud clock source for modes 1 and 3 (RCLK and TCLK in Table 14-5 on page 230).


UART230 (0xE608) High-Speed Baud Rate Generator enable (see section 14.3.2 High-Speed Baud Rate Generator).

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