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Sampling Frequency of Dual ADC

Last Updated: August 12, 2009

Question:  How to adjust the sampling frequency of a Dual ADC?


Response:  In order to get the exact sampling frequency, data clock and the calc time needs to be adjusted. For example,


CPU Frequency = 24MHz

Required Sample Rate = 3200SPS

Resolution = 8 bits


Data Clock = Sample Rate * (2^(No.Of Bits +2) + Calc Time)


Assuming Calc Time of 0

Data Clock = 3200 * 2^10 = 3.2768MHz


Selecting SysClk*2 as VC3 source, the nearest divider is 14. The resultant Data clock is 3.4285MHz.


Now calculate minimum Calc time


Calc Time = Data Clock * 260 / CPU Clock

Calc Time = 3.4285MHz * 260 / 24MHz = 37


Now by adjusting the Calc Time parameter exact sampling frequency can be obtained.


Sampling Frequency = Data Clock / (2^10 + Calc Time)


If the Calc Time as 47, then the sampling frequency is 3201.2 SPS.

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