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RoHS certificate of compliance for the CYWM6935

Last Updated: September 20, 2011

Where can i find Reduction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Certificate of Compliance for the CYWM6935 module?


Cypress provides the RoHS Certificate of Compliance for the CYWUSB6935 IC that is used on the module. It can be found on our website and is based on the device


The module itself is produced for Cypress through one of our partners. The attached RoHS Certificate of Compliance is provided by the manufacturer for the completed module assembly. This document covers all three of the Cypress WirelessUSB production modules. The part numbers referenced are the "PDC" numbers silk-screened onto the boards (although they are sometimes partially obscured by a sticker). The Cypress part number and the equivalent PDC number are shown below:

Cypress ordering
part number
board PDC number description
CYWM6934 PDC-9207 WirelessUSB LS single antenna module
CYWM6935 PDC-9208 WirelessUSB LR dual antenna module
CYWM6935PAEC PDC-9242 WirelessUSB LR + PA module
File TitleLanguageFile SizeLast Updated
Download CofC RoHS 5 6 ver 1.2 Cypress PDC-9207 9208 9242.pdfEnglish27.37 KB12/19/08
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