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Replacing obsolete asynchronous dual-port RAMs

Last Updated: May 28, 2014

The part I was using is now obsolete. What is a good replacement part?Is there something I can use to replace this asynchronous dual-port?What is important when picking a replacement asynchronous dual-port?


If the part you want is now obsolete, first go to the Cypress website to the Obsolete Parts Search page:

Cypress Obsolete Part Search
Enter the part number you would like to replace and see if there is a recommended replacement part.

In many cases, an asynchronous dual-port can be replaced with a similar device in a faster speed. So if you were using a -25 device, it would be safe to replace that with a -15 device.

For a device with no suitable replacements, Rochester Electronics ( Cypress's authorized distributor for obsolete products.


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