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PSoC® Creator™ 3.0 Service Pack 1 Components Modified Without a Version Number Change – KBA94159 | Cypress Semiconductor

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PSoC® Creator™ 3.0 Service Pack 1 Components Modified Without a Version Number Change – KBA94159

Last Updated: September 22, 2014

Cypress inadvertently changed components without updating the version numbers. The affected components all use other components in their implementation. These underlying component versions were updated in PSoC® Creator™ 3.0 Service Pack 1 without changing the higher-level component version. How does this affect you? What do you need to do?


You may or may not see the results of these modifications immediately. Either way you should update to PSoC Creator 3.0 Service Pack 2, which will be released as soon as possible.

If you created a design in PSoC Creator 3.0 and then updated it to PSoC Creator 3.0 Service Pack 1, any affected components received a silent component update. This update will not be immediately obvious. In the majority of cases, the updates were limited to the underlying Clock and Pins Components. There is no impact to designs.

However, for seven components, additional underlying components were changed. Cypress will make these components obsolete in PSoC Creator 3.0 Service Pack 2 and upgrade them to new versions. The other components will receive datasheet updates to include an Errata section.

Obsolete components and components receiving a datasheet update are listed below.

Obsolete Components

The following components are obsolete and have been replaced by the applicable component version.

Table 1. New Component Version for Obsolete Components

Obsolete Component Version New Component Version
Fan Controller v3.0 Fan Controller v3.10
ILO Trim v1.0 ILO Trim v1.10
Power Monitor v1.50 Power Monitor v1.60
Resistive Touch v1.20 Resistive Touch v1.30
SPI Slave v2.40 SPI Slave v2.41
Voltage Fault Detector v2.20 Voltage Fault Detector v2.30
Voltage Sequencer v3.20 Voltage Sequencer v3.21

Components receiving a datasheet update

  • ADC_SAR v2.10
  • CapSense_CSD v3.40
  • I2C v3.30
  • ScanComp v1.0
  • SegLCD_P4 v1.0
  • StaticSegLCD v2.30
  • WaveDAC8 v2.0
  • ADC_SAR_SEQ v1.10
  • DVDAC v2.0
  • LED_Driver v1.10
  • SCCT_Comp v1.0
  • SMBusSlave v2.20
  • UART v2.30
  • ADC_SAR_SEQ_P4 v1.10
  • EMIF v1.30
  • LIN v1.30
  • SegLCD v3.40
  • SPI_Slave v2.60
  • VectorCAN v1.10
  • CAN v2.30
  • emFile v1.20
  • Mixer v2.0
  • SegLCD_P4 v1.0
  • SPI_Master v2.40
  • VoltageSequencer v3.30

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