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PSoC® 5 Support in PSoC Creator™ 3.0 and Later – KBA92931 | Cypress Semiconductor

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PSoC® 5 Support in PSoC Creator™ 3.0 and Later – KBA92931

Last Updated: June 27, 2014

Why is PSoC® 5 not listed in PSoC Creator™ 3.0 and later?


PSoC Creator no longer supports the PSoC 5 silicon starting from PSoC Creator 3.0. The PSoC 5 devices have been functionally replaced by equivalent PSoC 5LP devices.

If you open a project that targets an obsolete part, the dialog shown in Figure 1 will appear.

Figure 1. Obsolete Device Dialog

The dialog suggests the appropriate new part number, and clicking OK will update the project to the functionally-equivalent device. This will automatically create a backup of the original design. Clicking Cancel will abort the opening of the project.

Note that if you wish to migrate PSoC 5 designs on Cypress® development kits to the new kits (with PSoC 5LP devices) the new target part number should be CY8C5868AXI-LP035. This is different from the part listed below (CY8C58568AXI-LP032) because the 035 part also supports the CAN interface, which was needed in the development kit. In this situation, click (choose another replacement) to launch the Device Selector dialog and switch to the LP035 part.

Table 1 lists all the obsolete parts and their functional equivalents.

Table 1. Obsolete Parts and Their Functional Equivalents

Device Family PSoC 5 PSoC 5LP
CY8C52 = CY8C52LP CY8C5246AXI-054 CY8C5266AXI-LP033
  CY8C5246LTI-029 CY8C5266LTI-LP029
  CY8C5247AXI-051 CY8C5267AXI-LP051
  CY8C5247LTI-089 CY8C5267LTI-LP089
  CY8C5248AXI-047 CY8C5268AXI-LP047
  CY8C5248LTI-030 CY8C5268LTI-LP030
CY8C53 = CY8C54LP CY8C5365AXI-043 CY8C5465AXI-LP043
  CY8C5365LTI-104 CY8C5465LTI-LP104
  CY8C5366AXI-001 CY8C5466AXI-LP002
  CY8C5366LTI-053 CY8C5466LTI-LP085
  CY8C5367AXI-108 CY8C5467AXI-LP108
  CY8C5367LTI-003 CY8C5467LTI-LP003
  CY8C5368AXI-106 CY8C5468AXI-LP106
  CY8C5368LTI-026 CY8C5468LTI-LP026
CY8C54 = CY8C56LP CY8C5466AXI-064 CY8C5666AXI-LP004
  CY8C5466LTI-063 CY8C5666LTI-LP005
  CY8C5467AXI-011 CY8C5667AXI-LP006
  CY8C5467LTI-007 CY8C5667LTI-LP008
  CY8C5468AXI-018 CY8C5668AXI-LP010
  CY8C5468LTI-037 CY8C5668LTI-LP014
CY8C55 = CY8C58LP CY8C5566AXI-061 CY8C5866AXI-LP021
  CY8C5566LTI-017 CY8C5866LTI-LP022
  CY8C5567AXI-019 CY8C5867AXI-LP024
  CY8C5567LTI-079 CY8C5867LTI-LP028
  CY8C5568AXI-060 CY8C5868AXI-LP032
  CY8C5568LTI-114 CY8C5868LTI-LP038
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