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Programming tool for Capsense Express device - CY8C201xx

Last Updated: November 30, 2011

What are the qualified programming/config tools for Capsense Express devices for Mass production?


At present, the following vendors offer programming tools support programming the configuration file into a CapSense Express device, which uses an I2C interface: 

- BP Microsystems
Programmer Model 1400 and 1700
Running BP WIN Software Revision V4.64.0 or V4.66.1

- HiLo
Programmer Model All 100
Running S/W v1.59

- RPM Systems
Programmer Model: MPQ 4 Port Programmer, MPQ-E2 4 Port Programmer
Running S/W Rev 1.11.1 (Firmware 2.14)


AN53490 describes Design to Production of Capsense express in detail.

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