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Programming M8 microcontrollers

Last Updated: September 28, 2011

How do I program the M8 microcontrollers?


You need to have a programmer that supports the M8. There are many programming vendors that have support for the M8. If you are going to buy a programmer, we recommend the Hi-Lo System (Part ID: CY3649). Below is some information about programming the M8 with a Hi-Lo System programmer.

Tools needed:


  • The programmer, Hi-Lo System - Cypress USB Programmer For Starter (Cypress Part ID: CY3649)




  • A center negative, 9VDC, 1000mA output wall bug (provided with the CY3649)




  • A RS232 cable with female connector type at one end and male connector type at the other (provided with the CY3649)




  • The Cypress Start Kit USB Programmer software (Cystart.exe). This is freeware and can be downloaded below.




  • An Adapter Base (needs to be purchased separately)




  • A Matrix Card (needs to be purchased separately)

    For the 630xx family, the matrix card is not needed. If the package type is 630xx-PC (PDIP), the adapter is not needed as well (just a Hi-Lo programmer is enough). If the package type is SOIC, a AS-28-28-03S-6-GANG adapter is needed. This adapter can be purchased from Emulation Technologies -

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