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Programming the EEPROM for the CY7C65640B/30/20 | Cypress Semiconductor

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Programming the EEPROM for the CY7C65640B/30/20

Last Updated: October 03, 2011

How do you program the EEPROM for the CY7C65640B/30/20? Must it be done on a stand alone programmer, or can it be programmed over the USB?


The EEPROM can be read or written using vendor commands unique to the CY7C65640B/30/20. These vendor commands are in the data sheet and can be used by any programs configured with them. The reference design does supply a program which allows the writing or reading of the EEPROM. Please see the web page and select reference designs for USB hubs and you will find a copy of the program.

If you program the parts using a separate EEPROM programmer, please inquire with the EEPROM programmer's vendor for further information on how to program the EEPROMs.

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