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Programming the CY7C63923-XWC.

Last Updated: September 21, 2011

When I try to program the CY7C63923-XWC using the GenProg application I get a "Can't acquire device" message in the Results column. How do I program the CY7C63923-XWC using the GenProg application?


To support the CY7C63923-XWC in the GenProg application you will need to replace the CY7C63900.dat file.  This file is located in the Devices subdirectory of the PSoC Programmer installation directory, normally found at C:\Program Files\Cypress MicroSystems\PSoC Programmer\Devices.

This applies to GenProg version  The CY7C63923-XWC will be included in future releases of the PSoC Programmer application.

File TitleLanguageFile SizeLast Updated
Download CY7C63900.datEnglish319 bytes12/19/08
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