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Part Number Decoder for Fast Asynchronous SRAMs

Last Updated: February 26, 2011

Is a Part number decoder available for the Cypress Fast Async SRAMs?


Please find attached the Part number decoder for Cypress Fast Async SRAMs.

1. Greater than or equal to 1 Mb SRAMs

2. Less than 1 Mb SRAMs

All new products have part number decoders present in the datasheet. Check the datasheet if the information is not available in documents below.


File TitleLanguageFile SizeLast Updated
Download Fast_Async_Part_Decoder_Less_than_1Mb.pdfEnglish164.92 KB11/19/09
Download Fast_Async_Part_Decoder_Greater_than_or_equal_to_1Mb.pdfEnglish301.34 KB09/27/10

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