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Migrating from FM25V02 to FM25V02A - KBA96042 | Cypress Semiconductor

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Migrating from FM25V02 to FM25V02A - KBA96042

Last Updated: January 17, 2016

Is FM25V02A a drop-in replacement for the FM25V02 device? What all are differences between the new (FM25V02A) and the old (FM25V02) parts?


The FM25V02A is a new silicon revision of the existing FM25V02 device and is a drop-in replacement for the FM25V02 device. The software can read the device ID to differentiate between FM25V02A and FM25V02. The device ID for the FM25V02A is 7F7F7F7F7F7FC22208h and for the FM25V02 is 7F7F7F7F7F7FC22200h. Apart from this no other changes are required in firmware to migrate. However, the two silicon revisions have the following features/parameters differences, which should be evaluated before migrating from the older silicon to the newer silicon.

Features/Parameters FM25V02 FM25V02A Comments
Reserved opcode - 11000011b
These opcodes are reserved for the future use. These opcodes may read garbage data on the SPI bus. Executing these opcodes will not have any impact on the device functionalities or behavior in any condition.
Device ID 7F7F7F7F7F7FC22200h 7F7F7F7F7F7FC22208h Need to update the new device ID in firmware.
Electrostatic discharge voltage(Human Body Model) 1000 V 2000 V The FM25V02A part is designed as per Cypress ESD Spec. Measurement of the ESD specs are per JEDEC standard described in the ESD tutorial published by Cypress: The ESD tolerance limit of the FM25V02A device is a safe limit for the components per JEDEC standard. Therefore, lower ESD tolerance of FM25V02A does not impact the system level ESD performance.
Electrostatic discharge voltage(Charged Device Model) 1250 V 500 V
Electrostatic discharge voltage(Machine Model) 200 Not specified
Input resistance (/HOLD pin),for VIN = VIH (min) 40 kΩ 30 kΩ The host controller output driver may observe increase in the leakage by max 33.33% when drives the /HOLD pin logic HIGH.
Input resistance (/HOLD pin),for VIN = VIL (max) 1000 kΩ 800 kΩ The host controller output driver may observe increase in the leakage by max 25% when drives the /HOLD pin logic LOW.
Thermal resistance (θJA, junction to ambient), 8-pin TDFN 21 ºC/W 31 ºC/W θJA has increased by 47%, it as to be taken care while moving to FM25V02A. FM25V02A is a low power device; 47% increase in θJA will increase the junction temperature by 0.017ºC which is negligible.
Colck HIGH time (tCH) 20 ns 18 ns FM25V02A has better spec.
Colck LOW time (tCL) 20 ns 18 ns
Output data valid time (tODV) 18 ns 16 ns
Power-up VDD (min) to first access(/CS LOW) 250 μs 1000 μs First access from power up time must be adjusted to 1000μs, if the system can boot up faster than 1000μs
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