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Maximum Skew With RoboClockII

Last Updated: December 26, 2013

What is the maximum achievable skew with RoboClockII?


The skew granularity available with RoboClock is dependent on the part (

CY7B993V or

CY7B994V) employed, the FS setting, and the operating frequency of the VCO, fNOM.

The output skew is programmed through the Skew Function Select Pins, [1:4]F1, [1:4]F0 and FBF0. The RoboClockII skew functionality is dictated in Table 5.

The time unit (tU) calculation is illustrated in Table 1. The maximum skew granularity is available when a

CY7B993V is operating in the FS=LOW range with an fNOM=12MHz. In this instance the tU is1.3ns. Configure the feedback bank for -8tU (-10.4ns) and configure one of the other banks for 8tU and the total skew appearing on the bank configured for 8tU is 10.4 - (-10.4)ns = 20.8ns.

The minimum skew is available when a 994 is operating with an fNOM of 200MHz. The tU in this instance will be 625ps.

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