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Manufacturing ID of CYRF6936

Last Updated: December 29, 2011

What is the format of the Manufacturing ID of CYRF6936 ?


The MFG ID of the CYRF6936  is a 6 BYTE value with the following format:

1st byte : 4bits version + 2 bits vendor ID + high 2 bits of Year
2nd byte: low 2bits of Year + 6 bits of manufacture Work Week
3rd byte : high 8bits of lot#
4th byte : low 5bits of lot# + high 3 of Wafer#
5th byte : low 2bits of Wafer# + high 6 bits of X coordinate on Wafer
6th byte : LSB of X coordinate on wafer + high 7 bits of Y coordinate on wafer.

So it is possible that the first four bytes can be identical among a few samples. It is the last two bytes that will be unique due to X-Y coordinates on the Wafer.

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