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Implementation of math functions in PSoC Express

Last Updated: February 27, 2011

How to implement math funtion in PSoC express


Follow the steps mentioned below-

1.Make a project in PSoC express.

2. Generate/Build the project and open application explorer

3.Identify the variable names that needs to be processed. All the variables are present in systemvars.h file. Its instance is created in systemvars.c file.

4.Go to custom.c file. Declare these variables as extern. This enables you to use these variables ,declared in other files, in custom.c.

5.In CustomPostInputUpdate() function, you can process the data of input driver variable. You can use all the functions supported by the compiler.

6. Save all

7. Build the project See attached file for an example of implementation procedure.

File TitleLanguageFile SizeLast Updated
Download ProjectDetails_mathExp.pdfEnglish415.55 KB12/19/08

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