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Last Updated: August 12, 2011

When programming with a Hi-Lo programmer a message 'Error at 000000!' occurred What is the reason of this error?


The reasons for the above error could be one of the following:


1)  The chip is incorrectly positioned on the Adapter Base's socket. The chip should be top justified on the socket, i.e. pin 1 of the chip should be placed at the top, left position on the socket.

2)  The chip is not locked on Adapter Base. Pushing the Adapter Base's lever forward locks the chip on the ZIP socket.

3)  The Adapter Base bottom pins have loose contact with the programmer socket. Make sure the Adapter Base bottom pins have good contact with the programmer, and the Adapter Base sits firmly on the programmer (the programmer's lever is pushed down to lock the Adapter Base in its position).

4) The incorrect side of the matrix card is inserted into the Adapter Base, or the matrix card has loose contacts with the Adapter Base

5) The security fuse has been blown

6) The chip is corrupted or not blank. Occasionally, the Blank Check feature fails. The alternative way to check the PROM is to do Read/Edit. If the part is blank, all bytes should be 0xFFs.

See the "Programming the M8 USB Microcontrollers with a Hi-Lo Programmer" application note for more details. Please open a support case to request this application note.

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