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Failure of Verify operation in PSoC Programmer

Last Updated: December 04, 2010

When I try to verify the program in the already programmed PSoC devices; the Verify operation fails to verify the program. What can be the reason?


During the Verify operation, the PSoC Programmer reads the flash blocks from the target device and compares it with the hex file.  This can happen only when the flash blocks are unprotected.  That is why during the normal programming sequence, the verify operation occurs before the Secure operation.  When you try to do a Verify operation on a programmed device, the security of the flash blocks would have been set to Read / Write Protect.  Because of this the programmer will not be able to read the flash data and will produce a Verify error.  If the same hex file was used to program the device, you can use the "Verify Checksum" operation instead of the "Verify" operation.

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