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eCERA - Crystal - 12MHz +/- 30ppm

Last Updated: December 28, 2011

Do you have any crystal that have been tested with the CYRF6936 devices?


Yes, the GF1200008 which is an HC49SMD crystal has been used in our CY3630 EVK modules.  Please see data sheet below.  There are also an alternatives package option.

A 12-MHz crystal (30-ppm or better) is directly connected between XTAL and GND without the need for external capacitors.  A digital clock out function is provided, with selectable output frequencies of 0.75-, 1.5-, 3-, 6-, or 12-MHz. This output may be used to clock an external microcontroller (MCU) or ASIC. This output is enabled by default, but may be disabled.  Below are the requirements for the crystal to be directly connected to XTAL pin and GND:

Nominal Frequency: 12 MHz

Operating Mode: Fundamental Mode

Resonance Mode: Parallel Resonant

Frequency Initial Stability: ?30 ppm

Series Resistance: <60 ohms

Load Capacitance: 10 pF

Drive Level: 10 ?W?100 ?W

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Download Cypress (SH)FX1200065-Cypress-S006100-2.pdfEnglish626.03 KB03/05/09
Download Cypress GF1200008-S006123.pdfEnglish103.07 KB03/05/09
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