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Different Kinds of Binding Mechanisms Supported by WUSB-NL - KBA82959 | Cypress Semiconductor

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Different Kinds of Binding Mechanisms Supported by WUSB-NL - KBA82959

Last Updated: October 18, 2012

What are the different kinds of binding mechanisms supported by WUSB-NL?


Binding is a mechanism used to associate the wireless devices (mouse /keyboard) to a dongle. The most common types of binding are described below:

  1. Button Bind
    In this type of binding, a separate bind button is provided for dongle and device. Binding takes place once the bind button is pressed on both dongle and device side. At the end of binding device stores unique ID of dongle in the flash. On subsequent power-on, device uses the stored unique ID of dongle for data transfer. Bind button can be used again to bind a different evice to the same dongle or vice versa.
    1. Possibility of device wrongly binding to a different dongle is very less.
    1. Increase in cost due to additional hardware circuitry needed for bind switch on both device and dongle.
    2. It is difficult to provide a bind switch in nano-dongle.
  2. Power Bind
    In this type of binding there will not be a separate bind button in dongle or device. After power on, dongle goes to bind state if both keyboard and mouse are not bound. If one of the devices is bound then dongle will be in bind state for a period of 8 (configurable) sec and then move to Operating/Idle state. Once device is in Operating/Idle state, no device can be bound. To bind again, dongle power needs to be reset.
    Power bind con be made conditional too. In this case, it will go to binding mode on power on only if some condition (for example, a set of buttons pressed concurrently) is met.
    1. No additional hardware circuitry required resulting in reduced cost.
    2. Simple to implement.
    3. If manufacturer wants to associate a dongle to a single device (like mouse) then binding is same as enhanced KISS bind.
    1. If dongle is bound only to one device and if second device required to be bound then power to dongle needs to be reset. This would cause inconvenience to user.
  3. Factory set Bind
    For factory set binding, unique ID of Dongle is read from PC using proprietary tool and stored in device flash. Device by default will be bound with specific dongle.
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