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Default Startup Condition on CY22393F

Last Updated: January 10, 2014

Using the CY22393FC with a 20MHz crystal to generate multiple clock after a user selection means dynamic updates after power up. Is there a default value of bit Xbuf_OE so that output can pilot the block to program the clock generator itself. After power up, would the XBUF output give a 20MHz clock?


The default start-up condition is all outputs off. When using a CY3672-USB programmer, Cyber Clocks software can create a custom startup configuration and program the

CY22393F before it is soldered onto a board. The CY3672-USB will program the non-volatile memory cells, so a

CY22393F will power up with the XBUF clock turned on. CyberClocks software is easily downloaded from our site.

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