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Cypress USB Type-C Controller Supported Solutions – KBA97179

Last Updated: May 07, 2015

What is USB Type-C and what are its applications? Where can I find a list of reference designs involving Cypress Type-C solutions?


The USB Type-C specification is the new USB-IF standard that solves several challenges faced by traditional USB connectors and cables. Type-C enables slim industrial design with a 2.4-mm plug height, reversible plug orientation and cable detection, transport of both USB signals and PCIe or DisplayPort signals on the same connector, and easy implementation of low-cost power delivery up to 100 W. Click here to know more about Cypress’s Type-C solutions and power delivery.

Type-C controllers will soon be present in host systems (typically a notebook or tablet), client systems (such as monitor, hard disk, flash drive, and mouse) and in cables (to communicates its capabilities to the host system). In addition, Type-C systems are designed in power adapters, which will negotiate and deliver power to notebooks, monitors, and other applications. Type-C solutions are also used in adapters/converters between legacy devices and the new Type-C port. For example, in notebooks that do not have additional display ports, the CCG-based solution can convert the Type-C connector to a DisplayPort connector. Equipment manufacturers are excited about the capabilities and benefits that Type-C brings to a solution and the transition to Type-C is expected to be more rapid than previous USB connector changes.

The following development kits and reference designs are available to get started with CCG solutions:

  1. The CCG1 demo kit consists of three components: host board, client board, and electronically marked cable assembly (EMCA) demo board.
  2. CCG2 is Cypress’s second generation USB Type-C controller that meets the cost, size, and upgradability requirements for USB Type-C EMCA. More details about the CCG2 device are available here. CCG2 is the silicon of choice for EMCA and powered accessory designs. The details of CY4502 EZ-PD™ CCG2 Development Kit are available here. Cypress also offers Paddle Card Schematic, which can be placed inside the cable assembly and is easy for manufacturing.
  3. The Type-C to DisplayPort reference design is available here.
  4. Contact Cypress Technical Support for details about the following reference designs:
    • Type-C power adapter design
    • Type-C based hub reference design
    • Type-C notebook design
    • Type-C monitor design
    • Type-C mobile design

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