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CY8CLEDAC01 Volt-second (VinTon) limit | Cypress Semiconductor

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CY8CLEDAC01 Volt-second (VinTon) limit

Last Updated: April 11, 2011

What are the volt-second (VinTon) limits of the CY8CLEDAC01? And how can this be adjusted?



The CY8CLEDAC01 device has an internal volt-seconds limit set by the voltage on its VIN pin. This is determined by the input scaling resistors RVIN and the internal resistance of the VIN pin (ZIN). The default input scaling ratio used is 0.0043, which results in VINTON chip limit of 720Vus. The RVIN resistance with this scaling ratio is given by:

RVIN = ZIN/0.0043 – ZIN = 1.16 Mohms, where ZIN = 5 kohms.

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