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CY8CKIT-001A User Guide Errata

Last Updated: June 04, 2010

CY8CKIT-001A User Guide Errata

What errata are there in the CY8CKIT-001A User Guide?
Response: There are three errata in the CY8CKIT-001A User Guide:
Page 9, Section 1.3.4: The Keil registration menu is not accessed from the Tools menu. Instead go to Help -> Register -> Keil.
Page 50, Figure 3-33: The wrong path is highlighted; RO0[2] should be highlighted, not RO0[3].
Page 147, Step 16: Step 16 should not be done until after step 17 is done. The OK button should not be pressed until all CapSense configuration is done.

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