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Configuring the Clocks in PSoC® 4000 - KBA91259 | Cypress Semiconductor

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Configuring the Clocks in PSoC® 4000 - KBA91259

Last Updated: June 03, 2014

How do you configure the clocks in PSoC® 4000?


The clocks are configured in the cydwr file of the PSoC Creator™ project. Open the [ProjectName].cydwr file from the Workspace and click on the Clocks tab. Select any device clock such as IMO and then click on Edit Clock button. The Configure System Clocks Window shown in Figure 1 will open.

Figure 1. Configure System Clocks Window

This window allows you to

  • Enable/disable the internal low-speed oscillator (ILO), internal main oscillator (IMO), or External Clock (EXTCLK).
  • Select the clock source for the high frequency clock (HFCLK) as IMO or EXTCLK.
  • Configure the IMO, HFCLK and the system clock (SYSCLK) frequency.
  • Set the divider for the HFCLK to “1”, “2”, “4”, or “8”.
  • Set the divider for the SYSCLK to “1”, “2”, “4”, or “8”.
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