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Causes of Communication Error With CY3672

Last Updated: December 26, 2011

What are the main causes of the communication error in CY3672 and how can it be corrected?


The communication problem is caused due to either a defective parallel cable, defective socket module that does not correspond to the selected device, bad contact between the socket module and the programmer, wrong parallel port settings, bent device pins causing bad contact between the device leads and the socket pins or the socket lid not firmly closed. Please check this and then try the steps mentioned in the attachment below.

Also please check whether your parallel port is set to ECP or EPP via Bios (Unless changed, it should already be in this setting as you've already used the programmer using the same computer). However, please check it for confirmation.

You may also refer to our CY3672 Datasheet, available on our webiste, for more information that contains the Quick Start Guide.

Please try the following steps after you have checked the above possibilities:


1. Turn the programmer off.

2. Restart the computer and log in as an administrator (when working with Windows2000 / XP Operating Systems).

3. Turn the programmer back on and watch the LCD display on the programmer. After some self-test phase, the programmer displays the part name that was last used with the check sum of the latest used buffer. "Main Menu" program is then displayed with two horizontal arrows.

4. Place the correct socket adapter that corresponds to the device you are interested in programming. Place the device into the socket.

5. Launch the CY3672 software. Make sure you have downloaded the latest version from our website.

6. Double click on the device name from the supported device list.

7. Browse to the location where the JEDEC configuration file is stored and download it to the buffer.

8. Program the device by clicking on the "hand" icon in the tool bar of the CY3672 programmer software.


If the "communication error" happens at any time in between doing these steps, you can ship the defective CY3672 programmer after you have checked the above suggestions to:

Hi-Lo System Research Co. Ltd.
Attn: Grason Kirk or Eddie Chung
4F, NO.20, LN. 76,



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