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AgileHID™ - KBA82946

Last Updated: October 11, 2012

What is AgileHID™?


AgileHID™ is Cypress’s proprietary wireless software protocol optimized for wireless HID devices. It provides a set of APIs to develop wireless mouse, keyboard, and bridge applications thereby allowing WirelessUSB-NL customers to get started quickly on their designs without any additional effort. This protocol runs on Cypress’s radio driver and enCoRe™ MCUs. As the dongle is connected to the PC through USB, this protocol also uses USB driver APIs to transfer packets to and from the PC.

The protocol provides the following functionalities:

  1. Binding device (mouse/keyboard) with bridge connected to PC
  2. Packet transmit
  3. Packet receive

The following functionalities of the protocol are not visible to application:

  1. Configuring transmit, receive, and transaction parameters
  2. Channel change algorithm to handle interference/noise
  3. Reconnection between device and bridge
  4. CRC generation
  5. Network ID generation
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