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ADC10 to measure 0 to 4V

Last Updated: March 29, 2012

How do I implement a 10 bit Single Slope ADC (ADC10) in my PSoC 1 design?


Analog to digital conversion is required in almost any mixed signal application.


One of the various types of ADCs that may be implemented in PSoC 1 is a Single Slope ADC.  PSoC Designer provides a user module ADC10 which implements a 10 bit single slope ADC. 


Attached below is a project that demonstrates the use of an ADC10 UM to measure a 0 to 4 V input using ADC10 and displaying the result on an LCD.

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Download Usage of 10 bit resolution ADC to measure 0 to 4 volts.English268.74 KB03/27/12
Download ADC10 to measure 0 to 4VEnglish108.7 KB03/29/12
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