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Hands-On Training Workshop: Introduction to USB 3.0 Peripheral Design | Cypress Semiconductor

Hands-On Training Workshop: Introduction to USB 3.0 Peripheral Design

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August 26, 2015

USB Type-C is the new USB-IF standard that solves several challenges faced by today's Type-A and Type-B cables and connectors. USB Type-C is slimmer (measuring only 2.4-mm in height), reversible, handles multiple-protocols (USB 3.1 – 10Gbps, DisplayPort, PCIe or Thunderbolt) and supports up to 100-W of Power Delivery.

In this half-day technical workshop, you will be introduced to USB Type-C and Power Delivery and various applications for EZ-PD CCG1 and EZ-PD CCG2. The workshop labs will cover EMCA and Dongle design. You will have an opportunity to learn how to create low BOM EMCA designs with CCG2. There will be demos for Type-C to DisplayPort and USB 3.1 with Power Delivery.


Workshop Objectives:


By the end of this workshop, you will:

  • Understand the basics of the new USB Type-C standard
  • Understand the different types of Electronically Marked Cable Assembly (EMCA) applications
  • Know how to simplify the design of your EMCA using the Cypress Easy Power Delivery (EZ-PD) Type-C controller Gen 2 (CCG2)
    • - Know the schematic requirements for different types of EMCAs
    • - Know how to quickly design different types of EMCA using the CY4502 EZ-PD CCG2 Development Kit
    • - Know how to update configuration parameters of EMCA with vendor-specific information

Workshop Agenda:


Time Topic
05 min Start of Workshop
15 min Set Up and Install Software
05 min USB-PD and Cypress Terms
20 min Introduction to USB Type-C
10 min Designing Your First EMCA
40 min Lab 1: Designing a Passive EMCA With One CCG2 Controller
15 min Session Break
25 min Lab 2: Designing a Passive EMCA With Two CCG2 Controllers
10 min Type-C Plug Orientation Detection Mechanism
35 min Lab 3: Updating Your CCG2 EMCA With Configuration Data and Firmware
35 min Lab 4: Power Delivery With CCG2
10 min Wrap-up
20 min Q&A