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USB232 and noise

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I purchased the CYUSB232 to interface with some older computer hardware. Using the example of installing, opening tera term and patching TXD and RXD together all works fine, but if I do not hook TXD and RXD together I get nothing but line noise, garbage on the screen and it increases if I move my hand near the device. If I try to plug it into the older hardware I am trying to work with it continues. This happens on 2 different desk tops (Windows 7, XP and on a laptop (windows 7). Is there anyway of eliminating this noise? It is not coming from anything touching the device and only goes away if I jumper the TXD and RXD together. It happens at any baud rate I set it too. It also happens if I use Putty instead of tera term

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There is a chance that the issue might be becaue of a faulty board. If confirmed, we will ship you a replacement.

Please create a Tech Support case, so that our engineers can examine your board and confirm if there is an issue.


- Madhu Sudhan

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