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Hallo all,

I am new to Cypress devices, and I am about to start a new design for a USB-MIDI device; which controller would you suggest? I see PSoC3 and -5 have USB-MIDI components in the Creator, but they are overspecified (and overpriced as well) for my application (I need 4 to 8 ADCs and a USB connection).



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Hi Fabrizio,

welcome to world of cypress.

I want to know how you want to use ADCs in the application?

Should all 4-8 ADCs to be operated at a time or can you use any ADC to multiplex.

If you are looking for low cost versions using PSOC1/enCoRe devices, please check enCoReIII parts:

Using the programmmble options you can multiplex one instance of ADC for upto 4 Analog pins & this device supports two ADC devices along with Fullspeed USB controller.

If you are looking for a device supporting 4-8 ADCs at a time, you need to go with PSOC3/5 devices only.

Let us know if you need any additional help.



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