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JNI issues fx2lp Cy64713 | Cypress Semiconductor

JNI issues fx2lp Cy64713

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We manufacture our own hardware in house and we are using the cy64713 chip FX2LP. We have sofware developed for windows and mac. The softwae is written in java. We have created a JNI written in cpp that works with a java interface. I am having issues with the jni specifically in the writeUSB function. Currently we are using the IOKit, CoreFoundation, CoreServices, and the JNI.h thats located at  





We are using Netbeans. I would love any advice on how to re write this code using libusb that cypress has shown in the SDK. I downloaded the FX3_SDK_MacOS_v1.3.3 and have been reading through the doc's. 


We do not sell any of this software so i can show you source code etc... 

This is the error dumb im getting...

JNI code here

Their must be an easier way to communicate with our hardware with a better JNI using libusb. I would utlimatly like to use a hid device not sure how to do that either so its cross platform. 

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I presume you are interacting with our engineers in a technical support case. we will keep the communication going in the case. 

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Yes thank you!

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