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I2C USB bridge using CY7C65211 for EZ Click software. | Cypress Semiconductor

I2C USB bridge using CY7C65211 for EZ Click software.

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Hi there,

I'm trying to build a project with a CY8CMBR3106S cap sense controllers however I can't get it to work in my embedded enviroment. I have some CY8CKITs which have a programmer attached that can be broken off and used as a serial comms bridge which included I2C. I have configured it with the Cypress USB Serial Config Utility but it isn't detected in EZ Click. I wonder if someone could help me get it working?


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Hi George,


Please note that CY8CKITs which have USB-serial bridge (CY7C65211) as programmer cannot be detected in the host applications such as Bridge Control Panel, EZ Click, Bootloader Host tool etc. 


The above mentioned utilities detects the serial interfaces (like I2C, UART) based on the firmware in the part (which is KitProg Firmware). As the firmware present on the USB-serial parts (CY7C65211) are different, these tools will not be able to detect the serial interfaces. 


Best Regards,


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i am using an amd64 debian and i would like to communicate with The Cypress CYBLE-022001-00 from my computer.

I use the CyUSBSerial_SDK_Linux courtesy of Cypress. I installed it and followed all the steps from the README files.but when i tried the CypressTestUtility with my Cypress device, the test doesn't detect my device while debian does with lsusb.

so i am wondering if the CyUSBSerial_Linux is the right library and if so why it doesn't work?

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