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CYRF8935 wirelessUSB for wired keyboard conversion | Cypress Semiconductor

CYRF8935 wirelessUSB for wired keyboard conversion

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Hi all, I was wondering if the CYRF8935 can be used to make my wired USB keyboard wireless.  I would like to plug the keyboard into one CYRF8935 device and have another CYRF8935 device plugged into the PC.   Then the devices simply (in theory) need too mirror exactly what the USB wire is doing.

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      Are you developing a keyboard or using purchased keyboard ( end product )???

     No, for endproducts, its not possible to make wireless using CYRF8935, it is only a slave. CYRF 8935 is an ASIC IC which can combine with any microcontrollers through SPI for making wireless applications such as keyboards, mice, toys, remote controls...



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hi tojo,
Yes it is possible to use CYRF8935 as cable replacement.
You need a USB controller + CYRF8935 on host side and non USB controller + CYRF8935 on the device side.

Please contact Cypress tech support if you need support in building your own product.

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