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CY7C638xx ISSP protocol specifcations? | Cypress Semiconductor

CY7C638xx ISSP protocol specifcations?

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I purchased a CY763813-PXC and I wish to program it. I have no trouble making a programmer myself so I want to do that. However there is one issue: I cannot find the specifcations for the chip to program it. The closet thing that I could find is this however nowhere is the CY7C638xx family mentioned. The datasheet for the family on brifly mentions this topic. The datasheet that I am working from was obtained from here

[quote]The enCoRe II devices enable this type of in system
programming by using the D+ and D– pins as the serial
programming mode interface. This allows an external controller to enable the enCoRe II part to enter the serial programming
mode, and then use the test queue to issue flash access
functions in the SROM.
The programming protocol is not USB.[/quote]

Now the question is how do I get into test queue?

Also right on the first page of the family datasheet it says "Industry standard programmer support" but what standard?

If anyone has more information on the protocol to program this chip please do tell.

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From your description my understanding is you want to program the EnCoRe II device from another host controller . You want to implement the protocol inside another Microcontroller . 

If the above is what you are referring to, then please refer to our AN44168: Host Sourced Serial Programming available in the following location: It provides an example project as well.


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