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WB Astoria - need help

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I'd like to start working with the Astoria USB bridge, but I don't have anything apart from a datasheet.

My goal is to design a board which has this component acting as a bridge between USB, NAND Flash chips and an FPGA (using Astoria's P-Port RAM interface). Data will be shared between the three.

I guess I'll need a development board, a SDK, firmware, drivers and plenty of documentation describing registers and commands, so I'll be able to connect an FPGA to the chip itself.

I want to ask whether these things are available where to get them?

Also, I've been told that there's a development board availabe for sale, but I have no idea what the kit contains (apart from the obvious - the board and a power supply) and are any accessories which I might find useful and should also purchase?


Any help is welcome!

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Can you please create a case for the same (MyAccount->MyCases).



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