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video from 9P031

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I have design a board with sensor MT9P031 + FX3 (provide USB3.0 to PC)

now  , I got the video stream on PC , but it looks red . we find it contains red information only (there is no BLUE/GREEN).

I have no idea now , who can help with below question ?

1  MT9P031 only provide "RAW" format  , right ? that's mean the capture software on PC should support "RAW" video as well ?

2  which software can support "RAW"  format  video ?

3 we take MT9T114 as reference design , but seems MT9T114 output other format  such as " YCbCr, 565RGB, 555RGB,               444RGB, processed Bayer, BT656, RAW8- and RAW8+2-bit "

    who know the exectly format during the demo (refer to document  AN75779 , How to Implement an Image Sensor Interface with EZ-USB® FX3™ in a USB Video Class (UVC) Framework? )

many thanks !


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Please create tech support case at -> Technical Support.




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Recently,My project is the same as yours,but i fail to configure my sensor, MT9P031. I am so excited when i find this comment.    Can you share your code with me ,which can help me a lot.   My e-mail is 

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I failed to use IIC supplied by source code . I can not read correct ID from register 0x00, Or i do not know the ID of IIC slave .    When i write a data to slave IIC's register by SensorWrite2B function,I can not get the data from the register. So image data is none.   I just need to compare your code with mine. Maybe i can help you in return .

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