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UVC stream buffer size issue | Cypress Semiconductor

UVC stream buffer size issue

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        We have a USB3.0 Camera which is based on FX3.And we want to implement small ROI with high framerate,such as 64*64@500fps or 32*32@1000fps

        Since 64*64*2(2bytes each pixel) is smaller than the original UVC stream buffer size(1024*16),so i changed the "Max number of packets per burst" to 7(original:15)for Super Speed Endpoint Companion Descriptor,that is 1024*8=64*64*2,meanwhile,set the counter(address/data) in GPIF II to 2043((1024*8-16)/4 -1,we used 32bit bus width) but it didn't work,,did i miss anything?Thanks,

        We also have 1280*1024 and 640*480 resolution for this camera,before changing the stream buffer size thing,they both could work,after that,i got nothing,none of these modes could work.




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 Can you please post your SS companion descriptor here?

If not please create a tech support case, so that you could a speedy solution to your problem.

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