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Using PSOC Creator/GPIF 2 to program EZ FX3 CYUSB3014 IC ? | Cypress Semiconductor

Using PSOC Creator/GPIF 2 to program EZ FX3 CYUSB3014 IC ?

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Disclaimer: This is the first time I am putting embedded ICs on a board and programming them. I have some basic knowledge, but please be patient and benevolent with your replies. :) Thank you.  

Problem statement: 

I have peripheral analog ICs which have digital programmable registers who follow SPI/I2C protocols. Now the CYUSB3014 is connected to these peripherals through its GPIOs and not through the GPIF configurations. The connections are not made to the specified SPI/I2C pins in the datasheet of CYUSB3014, but just the GPIO basic configurations. My goal is to program the registers in those Analog IC peripherals to tune the ICs in some required configuration. 

Problem approach: 

1. I tried to figure out using Psoc Creator- but it doesn't have this IC. I downloaded the latest version of Creator in vain. 

2. Dont the cypress guys have something as cool as GPIF 2 for the 32 GPIF pins fro the FX3, but to program all the GPIOs in the FX3 IC?

3. I guess if I have to use some of the jargons- its like I want to do a "slave Fifo" in psoc creator using FX3. possible? 


1. Can anyone help with any direction to start learning for this application. 

2. I have seen the videos for Psoc Creator so I know what to do. But can you tell me if I can integrate FX3 some how? 

3. Its a very simple problem in analog tunability - can I have simple video tutorial on how to do this? Teach me- and Ill create one soon and post it here. :) 




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In order to program the ordinary GPIOs of FX3, you'll have to use the FX3 SDK (software development kit).

It is available for download from the following link:

It has example projects which show how to program the GPIOs.

We can create and view programs using Eclipse.



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