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USB-UART device attached but NOTenumerate under COM port. | Cypress Semiconductor

USB-UART device attached but NOTenumerate under COM port.

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Dear sir / madam

I am following the instructions to ZEDBOARD BASIC SETUP AND OPERATION from Getting Started Guide (version 7)

 The blue Done LED (LD12)  illuminated, and a default image also displayed on the OLED (DISP1).

but in the device manger, the usb is not enumerated under COM port. Also LED 6 didn't illuminate.

I have downloaded and installed the usb uart software driver from the link provided in the getting started guide.

I cannot identify the what the problem is.

Please help me to solve this.



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I have also this problem under windows 10 x64, I did a complete fresh update using the latest drivers uploaded to avnet (Version 3_13_0_57) but it still does not work. I have also tried using the automatic update from Microsoft but this does not work either. I also tried a workaround suggested on the Digilent site but the symptoms are not quite the same as mine.


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