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Usb packet status 0xc000000e | Cypress Semiconductor

Usb packet status 0xc000000e

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 Hi all! We have the device which acquires signal and sends it to host via usb using ezusb driver. I'm trying to make it working with cyusb driver. I've encountered with following problem. Each calling of XferData (except first) of ISO endpoint (using cyapi.h) returns some first ISO packets with status=0xc000000e. I read that it means "outdated frame number". So some data is lost. It is unacceptable for me. For information: I'm trying to receive 512 packets per one XferData calling. Device works in full speed mode. Packets with bad status are always in first subrequest of 255 packets.Device must send 1000 packets per second.  I've recompiled driver in debug mode enabling DbgPrint() messages. No error messages output. Can anyone help me?

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Please create a tech support case so that one of our engineers can take a look at the same.




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