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USB handle goes stale | Cypress Semiconductor

USB handle goes stale

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I'm very much new to this whole PSoC thing.  In fact, I inherited the project.  The problem is, communicating to this PSoC isn't quite working the way it's supposed to.  The original programmer setup a USBFS object for the PSoC.  It required HID compliance for our purposes.  The Transfer Type is set to INT.

My problem, at this point, is that after some period of time, my connection from the host PC becomes stale.  When I have my head phones on, I even here the sound Windows makes when USB devices are disconnected.  However, this device still shows in Device Manager.  If I close the handle and reopen, I'm fine.  What should I look for?

(BTW, I'm still working my way through the training videos)


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 Hello MathMan,

Are you talking about the Host application to access the PSoC Device or are you talking about the PSoC Project ?

Where did you inherit the project from? 

Are you using Cypress CyUSB library for writing your host application to access PSoC Device ?


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