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USB Control Center Will Not See EZ-USB CX3 | Cypress Semiconductor

USB Control Center Will Not See EZ-USB CX3

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I have compiled the example firmware in Eclipse and I want to download it to the board. 

I put the EZ-USB CX3 Dev Board in USB/RAM mode, plug it into the computer, and open the USB Control Center.

Nothing happens. At all. I don't get any errors or messages. It just looks like a dead program.

I don't think it is a driver issue because I am able to use the dev board in the e-cam view program. One interesting thing to mention: my computer recognizes the board when I boot it in either SPI or EEPROM mode. When I try to boot it in USB/RAM mode, it does not see it.

Anyone else have this issue or know how to solve it?


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In my case this was simply fixed by installing the Cypress drivers for the device. Select the device in Device Manager, get to "Have Disk" and browse to the .inf files corresponding to your system in (folder where you installed the SDK)\driver\bin. For Windows 10 I used win81.

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