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USB comport persistence across power-down | Cypress Semiconductor

USB comport persistence across power-down

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I'm using a ZedBoard with a Cypress CY7C64225 USB-UART controller, and a Windows 7 PC to control it.  The USB comport appears in the Windows Device manager when I turn the ZedBoard power on, and disappears when I turn it off.  I was told that the latest Cypress driver would persist the comport when power turned off so that my terminal emulation software (PuTTY or Tera Term) wouldn't sense a disconnect.  This is important because I need to see what the ZedBoard sends as soon as power is turned on.

I downloaded the latest Cypress driver I could find, but Windows Device Manager thinks it is the same as the one already installed on my machine.

What should I do to fix this problem?




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Why dont you delete the existing driver and install latest? You can find the driver location from Device Manager Properties>Driver>Driver Details.



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