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Three questions in An65974 project.

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I have generated the slavefifosync.img by the source code in An65974 project. And i have three questions: 

1. I test the slavefifosync.img with streamer tool. The highest rate of the slavefifosync.img with streamer tool is  only 15.7MB/s. What should i do to increase rate of slavefifosync?

2. I test the slavefifosync.img with control center tool. But sometime, i can transfer data out successfully only twice when FLAGC is always high. The out transfer command will be failed after the third time! And sometime, i can always transfer data out successfully when FLAGC is reset. I want to know Why the FLAGC is reset by FX3 sometime, but it is always high sometime?

3. what's more, there are four .img file in An65974 project: SF_loopback.img, SF_shrt_ZLP.img, SF_streamIN.img and SF_streamOUT.img.Please tell me what is the difference between them? Are them generated by the source code in An65974 project? 

Thank you very much!

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1. First please ensure if the device has enumerated in USB3.0 mode (not in USB2.0). Please follow the steps mentioned in AN65974, with default firmware. We have tested and recieve throughput around 350-400 MBps easily. 

2. When you are sending data from the host, you are filing up the DMA buffer. Please make sure that the master/FPGA is reading the data. If the FPGA does not read the data, then the buffers will get filled, and further transfers will fail. You can verify this by checking the buffer count in the firmware, is it set to 2 for you?  How many bytes do you transfer in one transfer from control center

3. If you look at the firmware source, you may notice some macros like SF_shrt_ZLP/SF_loopback. So, whichever macro is define, respective functions will be enabled. The source code AN65974 is complete with this, you just need to define the macros to enable corresponding function 

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