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SPI booting with FPGA plugged in

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I am currently able to place firmware on the flash and enable SPI booting when working with a dev board (such as the Nuvation NuvBoard FX3 USB or the Cypress FX3 DVK).  However, if an FPGA (such as an Altera Cyclone 3 or 5) is attached, Cypress Control Center is unable to SPI boot. Everything works fine on multiple different dev boards, but if an FPGA is attached, the SPI boot fails.  It doesn't seem to matter what is programmed onto the FPGA.  Is there a way to boot from SPI flash with an FPGA attached?

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 Hi djvolz,

      May I know which FX3 Firmware you are using. If you are using AN84868 firmware, You need to use FPGA Configuration Utility in host PC for transferring file.

       If you are using the above and able to work correctly in other FPGAs, check with your Altera FPGA Board DataSheet for Configuration Process and check if you are doing all requirements correctly. If everything you are doing correctly, then  try adding your configuration file (.bin or any other format) into the flash itself and try once.



Gokul Prasath

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