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Slave FIFO write is not working for Superspeed cypress chip | Cypress Semiconductor

Slave FIFO write is not working for Superspeed cypress chip

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I am using the Slave FIFO(32-bit @100MHz) files from application note. Read from FX3 is working as expected. 

Write to FX3 is not working. The status of signals during write operation is SLWR_N = 0, SLOE_N = 1, SLRD_N = 1, PKTEND_N = 1 for exactly 256 cycles(Status of all the signals confirmed through Logic-analyzer). I can see the FLAGA status going to zero after finishing write operation. It is not releasing the second buffer and BULKIN operation in control-center application failed. Until I reset the device or end-point FLAGA is not going high. I cannot find any clue.

Another interesting case is If i perform short packet write with 64 or less bytes write operation is successful. I can even see the same data after BULKIN operation in control-center. 

No slack issues found in timing check. Can anybody help regarding this?





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How many bytes are you requesting in the control center?

Also, can you please convert the DMA channel into a manual channel and find out if the data buffer is actually committed in the channel and consumed by the USB?


- Madhu Sudhan

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