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Slave FIFO partial flag configuration | Cypress Semiconductor

Slave FIFO partial flag configuration

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I am facing problems while configuring the partial flag. Please help me.


I have added the faollowing lines in the "cyfxslfifosync.c", after the GPIF load function as described in the GPIF Slave FIFO guide.



I have configured four flag in GPIF designer tool. A pair for With thread 0 DMA_ready, Watermark and Thread 3 DMA_Ready, Watermark.

I am using Thread0 as Ingress so given flagOndData as CyTrue and Thread3 as Egress so flagOnData is CyFalse.

When I  built the project it is giving the error Undefined refernce to CyU3PgpifSocketConfigure(). I think it is because of some missing library or header files. Where are those required files.

Can someone provide me the relevant information

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The CyU3PgpifSocketConfigure() API is extern'd in cyu3pgpif.h

Pls check and make sure that you have included this in your project.



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The file "cyu3gpif.h(not cyu3pgpif.h)" is already included in the project syncslavefifo.

Does I need to add any other library files along with this. 

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 I am able to overcome the problem.


Actually in the documentations the API is "CyU3PgpifSocketConfigure()", where as in the header file it is  "CyU3PGpifSocketConfigure()". G not g in in GPIF. 


It is working for this minor change.

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