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Simultaneous dual AutoIn operation of EP6 and EP8 EPs not working correctly! | Cypress Semiconductor

Simultaneous dual AutoIn operation of EP6 and EP8 EPs not working correctly!

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 We were using EP6 in Autoin mode in FX2 for our Telemetry decoder to send data to PC(FPGA is the master)

We were using this configuration with a host application similar to the streaming example(packet queing used) to stream the data from FPGA to PC(2Mbps) and was working correctly without any data miss.

We have used EP86 in bulk mode with a pkt size of 512Bytes.and Triple buffering opted


Now we have a requirement of two decoders sending data simultaneously and parallely to the PC.

Since we were already using EP2 in out mode, we used EP86 and EP88 in autoin mode with double buffering.

Both the endpoints are working one at a time.But when both are enabled, the streaming application is not working(waiting infinitely for the data).


However the simple bulk endpoint read api is working for both endpoints simultaneously, but occasional missing of data.

How can we use the streaming (queing method) for both the Autoin endpoints simultaneoulsy without missing any data?


What modification we need to do in the packet queing thread to manage both the EPs simultaneously?




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What is the time out value set for your transfer?

Can you share the source code of your host application?

If possible please share the firmware also.




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