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Question : Error - Device not found on control center | Cypress Semiconductor

Question : Error - Device not found on control center

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We made over 100 sets with FX3 chips.

but Only 2 sets is unable to download our program.

We are using only EEPROM by I2C.

I set PMODE F1F. (I2C boot , but if failure, usb boot)


First of all, they (bad samples) can't boot through USB.

And, if i set PMODE F11. boot is succeeded throgh USB boot.

( I can see "Cypress boot loader" on Control center)


but if i try to download a firmware by control center, Error is occured which is "Device not found".

(emaulate -> Device not found, It didn't show the window for selecting a file.)


I was checked several points on hardware (voltage, etc). but there is not a problem.

why is it happend? please let me know anything abut it.

Thank you.

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which version of FX3 SDK are you using? I looked into the source code of the latest version of Control Center. I do not see anywhere "Devcie not found" string.

If you are using any older version of control center (or FX3 SDK) can you please upgrade to SDK 1.3.3 and see if this issue is seen, if so what error message is displayed?


- Madhu Sudhan

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 Yes. I already use SDK 1.3.3. 


Thank you

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Did you ever get an answer to your question? 

I have a similar problem and cant seem to find the solution.

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If SSTX or SSRX has some problems, this problem is happened. 

Maybe SMD Problem was happened. If you cut the lines of SSTX and SSRX, you can find two type's problem.

One of them is "No Device found".

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 해결 하셨나요?

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