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A question about DMA API | Cypress Semiconductor

A question about DMA API

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Hi all,

      I want to know that Using CyU3PDmaChannelGetBuffer will be Ok ,if I use it in Timer Callback Function. 

As I known, the API can be used in DMA Callback, But I`m not sure in Timer Callback.

As I seen, it will return  CY_U3P_ERROR_MUTEX_FAILURE.  That`s right?


Best Regards,


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 Hi Li,

You cannot use GetBuffer in Timer callback. A timer callback has to be treated as equivalent to an ISR, and you cannot invoke any calls that need mutex protection (all DMA APIs need this) from there. You will need to defer the operation from the timer callback to a regular thread (using an event or a flag).


Sai Krishna.



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